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AASHTO has been developing LRFD software programs for many years.  Information on the design/rating software Virtis/Opis can be found on the AASHTOWARE website.

An excellent bridge website with many bridge related links including a bridge discussion forum.


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The Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has developed this prestressed concrete girder program.  This robust, FREE, program has a fully interactive graphical interface, and supports AASHTO LRFD specifications.  This is the mainstay prestressed I-girder program for WSDOT designers.  This program is definitely worth the time to check out.


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The State of Pennsylvania (PennDOT) has developed a concrete prestressed girder (PSLRFD) program and a steel superstructure (STLRFD) program.  Both of these inexpensive, yet comprehensive, programs support the AASHTO LRFD specifications.  Note that these programs are specifically written for PennDOT needs.